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SharePoint Mobile App

Is that SharePoint in your pocket or is that the New SharePoint App!?

Yes we are very excited about a new SharePoint mobile App.  It is coming first to iOS and will also be available for Android and Universal Windows App.  The biggest surprise for us is that not only does it work with SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016, it will also work for SharePoint 2013.

What does it do?

We need to be clear with our expectations of what’s in this App.

  • It will let you access Team Sites, Publishing Portals
  • Remembers multiple authentication across different Office 365 and On-Premises
  • Can be administered and secured by IT (via Intune)
  • Let you search on the go (sites, people, files)
  • Shows recent site activity so you can quickly zoom in on what’s changed in the site
  • IT configured Links to organizational portal sites

What does it not do?

  • Show you lists, e.g. task or calendar lists.
  • It is not offline access
  • You can share sites with your colleagues but you can’t modify site permissions from the app.
  • Designed for consumption, focusing on read, not write.

As an indirect result of the big push for SharePoint sites to be modernized and responsive by default, team sites that follows uses the Out Of Box branding features and even new publishing canvas will display seamlessly in the SharePoint App.  Allowing you to take simple customizations with you in your pocket.  So your sites will still look like your sites, both in a desktop browser or in the SharePoint App.

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