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SharePoint Conference 2019

Here are the notes I used for the Sydney SharePoint User Group meeting on 18 June 2019. There’s not a lot of detail for each point, so feel free to ask questions in the comments if you want more detail, or use the links at the bottom of the page to see the sites I used to gather all this information.

SharePoint Server

  • Azure Stack support for 2016 and 2019
  • Azure SQL Database Managed Instance support for 2019

SharePoint Spaces

  • Demo showing Microsoft Campus HQ in Spaces at timeline 1:14:00 to 1:15:30 in the Keynote
  • Announcing more details at Microsoft Ignite in November

New Home Sites


  • Rollout planned for Q3 2019
  • Any Communications site can be configured to be the SharePoint Home Site. Initially this will be done using PowerShell, but there are plans to add this to the SPO admin portal
  • The Home Site can also be a hub site
  • Home sites have certain “super powers” beyond a communications site
    • News from this site will be marked as organizational news

    • Search scope is tenant wide
    • Company Logo in top left will link to this site (including from Outlook)
    • One-click access from SharePoint mobile app
    • Top navigation will contain link to My SharePoint, which is the current SharePoint landing page
    • Branding is consistent between Home Site and My Sharepoint site (“we” space and “me” space)
  • Same experience in mobile app
  • News Digest from mobile app
  • Personalised content in right column – my recent documents, my favourite sites, my frequent sites
  • Different to the SharePoint Start Page (from app launcher)
    • “Me” space
    • “My SharePoint” navigation menu item
    • Start page will use home site branding

New Organisation Site Design

  • “Building a great looking site for your organization shouldn’t have to take months. With the new organization site design, you have a starter design to get you going fast. New layout options, like a vertical section, and new webparts provide additional design options to meet your needs with less development time. “
  • Is this the same as the Organisation Templates mentioned below?

Organization Templates for the Office backstage

Improvements to your organizations custom theme

  • Can use an image from a URL – any format or file size
  • Or can upload an image, now supports SVG. File size < 10 KB

SharePoint Adoption Resources

Microsoft Flow

  • New actions to check in/out documents, get version information, grant access and create folders.
  • Targeted Release in August 2019

Multi-Geo capabilities –

  • link, video – 8:30 minutes
  • Now generally available for SharePoint (including OneDrive) and Office 365 Groups
  • Allow separate FQDN for each region – e.g.
  • Each Region has their own SharePoint Admin center. Can have separate policies
  • Taxonomy and Search managed centrally
  • Can move sites between regions – start-spositecontentmove

  • Support for tenants with 500+ users, effective June 1 2019

SharePoint Migration tool – link

  • SharePoint 2013 source – moved from preview to generally available
  • SharePoint 2010 support in public preview

SharePoint Admin Centre

  • Ability to show classic and modern SharePoint Management views – available soon
  • Bulk actions (e.g. Site sharing configuration, hub site association, deleting sites)
  • Site Rename with redirect (coming soon)
  • Site Swap – swap the root site collection with an existing site – invoke-spositeswap (coming soon)
  • Sharing – External access expiration – preview Q3 CY 2019
  • DLP Restricted access (private preview) – prevent sharing until DLP scan has run
  • DLP restricted sharing (private preview) – prevent anon access to content flagged as sensitive
  • OneDrive Restricted User Access – private preview. Invite external collaborators but prevent access to OneDrive

Microsoft 365 Compliance Portal

  • Sensitivity labels
  • Looks like sensitivity labels are not supported on Windows desktop apps yet
  • Can associate labels with policies in Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Center.
  • Labels can be applied to files, emails, groups, sites and teams to enforce consistent policies
  • Sensitivity Labels will be supported on SharePoint Sites – private preview

  • Can edit and co-author protected documents in Office Online if policy permits
  • Office 365 eDiscovery and Data Loss Prevention supports full text search on protected documents
  • Search and other collaborative features do not work in this preview

New Records Management capabilities

  • Retention policies across SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Teams, Exchange and more
  • Native connectors for archiving non-Microsoft data – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Disposition Review – bulk disposition, retention extension or re-classification. Export list of disposed items.
  • Ability to store specific versions of documents in a records repository
  • Machine Learning classifier – offensive language, attorney client privilege, resume, source code, classification assistant that can be trained by org. May only be available for E5


  • Support for Live Events (Stream?)
  • New SharePoint web part generally available
  • Can integrate conversations from any Yammer group, topic, user, or home feed

  • Rich text capabilities
  • Question and Answer feature – late June. Select best answer, bot to answer questions

  • Yammer content will show up in eDiscovery searches later this year


  • Web part – “all of stream” option allows you to highlight videos across all of Stream on your page. The videos don’t have to be from the same group or channel. You can even filter the videos down to a specific search term
  • Disable people detection
  • Insert polls, surveys, quizzes using Microsoft Forms – available now – sample
  • Mobile app
    • Upload and share videos – available now
    •  Record from app – coming in June

OneDrive Announcements

  • Support for DWG files – June 2019

  • Windows Virtual Desktop to support files on demand sync
  • 360 degree image file support – June 2019
  • Request files from others – Q4 2019

  • Differential sync for non-Office 2016 files – Q2 2019
  • Support for local OneNote notebooks as part of Known Folder Move (KFM)
  • Save for Later (bookmark) – Q1 2020

  • Recommended files on OneDrive web page (July 2019)

  • Full-fidelity shared libraries in OneDrive
  • Not only can you sync shared libraries from SharePoint and Microsoft Teams to your PC or Mac using OneDrive, you can now view shared libraries in OneDrive on the web with support for viewing file metadata. Initial capabilities include viewing ,sorting and grouping by custom metadata and changing your file view to any previously saved file view.

  • Sharing links
    • Teams will reformat OneDrive and SharePoint links to be formatted.
    • Currently, seems to format for SharePoint but not OneDrive.
    • Will default to the sharing settings from the source library
  • Popular Around Me
    • Update to OneDrive’s “Shared” view to include recommended content based on working relationships – Q4 CY2019
  • Link to specific PowerPoint Slide (web only) – June 2019

Microsoft Search

  • Available from the header panel
  • Enhanced with artificial intelligence and access to Microsoft Graph
  • “Zero Intent Queries” – search results displayed when you click into the search box
  • Developers
    • Universal endpoint
    • complete recall results from queries”?
    • APIs that work with Exchange, OneDrive and others
    • Entity definitions and customer refiners
  • Future – Connecting Search with Teams and Yammer
    • Bing for organisations –
      • Queries are anonymized, includes Yammer results
      • “My Documents”
      • Q&A
      • Feedback – suggest a link
  • Available in
    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint – need to enable under “coming soon” icon
    • SharePoint
  • Default scopes
    • All
    • Files
    • Sites
    • People
    • News
  • OneDrive – filter options available in search results page
  • Windows – search from task bar coming soon, Window 10 v 1903?
  • New Admin centre
    • Bookmarks
    • Q&As
    • Locations
  • Chrome Search Engine trick – you can create a shortcut in Chrome to search SharePoint Online – look under Settings – Search Engine. This isn’t a SharePoint Conference thing, just a useful tip and reward for reading this far


  • SharePoint Framework 1.8.2
  • Supports Node.js 10
  • SharePoint Framework 1.9 will support shareable code modules
  • New Microsoft Graph toolkit for the web –
    • Login controls
    • Display controls
    • File picker controls
  • Support for Microsoft Teams Tabs in mobile experience


  • Hub Sites limit raised from 100 sites to 2,000 sites
  • PowerApps – Build custom forms for document libraries
  • Compliant workspaces – “lets organizations drill down into single files to manage their retention policies”
  • Bulk actions on approval workflows – late June
  • Excel – capture data with camera
  • To-Do – tasks from Planner and Flagged Emails
  • Fluid Framework – near real time user collaboration across documents


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