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Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup Office Sweepstakes app allows you to run your office sweepstakes in SharePoint. You can create one or more Sweepstakes. People can then enter the sweeps and have horses randomly assigned. Once the race results are in, the app will calculate the winnings and display them on the home page.

The person running the Sweepstakes is called the “Steward”. This person can create sweepstakes for people (“punters”) to enter. They can also set up other people as Stewards. The Steward is responsible for tracking payments and downloading the race results.

When you first install the app, it will be set up in “demo” mode. This allows you to try out the features before rolling it out to others. Since the official list of horses for race are not announced until the Saturday before the race, we use horses from previous years in demo mode.

Once the final field has been announced, you can go to the Payment page and download them. This will switch you from Demo mode to Live mode. Any “bets” that have been placed in demo mode will be cleared so that you are ready to run your sweepstakes.

People can use the Enter button on the sweepstakes panel to place a bet. This will update their “Your Bets” panel. They can enter as many times as they want. Once all of the horses have been assigned in a sweepstake it will be marked as full.

NOTE: If you are experiencing issues with the button to add stakes, try using Internet Explorer

The Race Steward has access to a payment page where they can mark bets as paid.

Once the race has started, no more bets can be placed. Soon after the race has finished we will make the results available for the Race Steward to download. This will calculate the winnings and display the results on the home page.


The Melbourne Cup Office Sweepstakes is a fun SharePoint application developed by SharePoint Gurus. The rules for running your sweepstakes in SharePoint are:

  1. Sweepstakes are a game of chance. All horses are randomly assigned.
  2. The race steward must setup one or more sweepstake. Each sweepstake is given a name and an entry fee.
  3. People can take part in multiple sweepstakes multiple times.
  4. Entry fees should be paid to the Race Steward prior to the start of the race
  5. Sweepstakes are closed at the scheduled raced start time.
  6. The race results will be processed soon after the race has finished.
  7. Prizes are given to 1st, 2nd and last place.
    • 1st place receives 2/3 of the prize money
    • 2nd place receives 1/3 of the prize money
    • 3rd place receives their entry money back
  8. If there are less than six entries in a sweepstakes, it will be cancelled and the entry money refunded
  9. If the horse that came 1st hasn’t been assigned to anybody in a sweeps, then the next highest horse assigned will be considered the winner for that stakes. Similar rules are used for 2nd and 3rd place
  10. The entire prize pool is shared by the winners. No money for administration is to be kept.
  11. Scratched horses will be removed from the line-up if known ahead of time.
  12. No refund is given to horses that have been allocated and later scratched.

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